Former Employees

Daniel Albright

An unsuspecting human vessel used frequently by the demons, Paimon and Lucifer both hid as Daniel on earth and acted toward the interest of taking down their Heavenly Father in a war against his brother Jesus. Unbeknownst to Jah, the two sides were actually working together the whole time and made amends after the war of Armageddon. They took down their father, but lost everything as a result, including many of their friends. With little resources left, Danny and Lyle had to sacrifice what little power they had to save the souls of those lost in purgatory to stand a chance against the Old Gods. But was it worth it?

Lyle Albright

Once the human vessel of Baal, Lyle was a pure soul that was seen as being the best chance for Jesus to return to earth and unite the angels against Lucifer. The war led to the destruction of the world and the death of his father, and Jesus and Lucifer set aside their differences against a new common enemy: the Old Gods. Lyle learned of their dark plan to manufacture a world they could control and sacrificed everything to provide the new souls a chance at being free.

Jack Pleasance

The head archangel Metatron forged a close relationship with Lucifer to muddy the waters of the dangerous war, playing both sides in an effort to free the angels from the shackles of being controlled by Jah. Thanks to his efforts, the angels were free and able to stand united with the demons against Jah. Unbeknownst to most, he dabbled in dark arcane magic that led him to discovering how to ascend to the Astral Plane after his death. Since then, his ghost has been working hard to make sure the sacrifice made by the angels was not in vain.

Isaac and Molly Carlin

The demons Vassago and Astaroth, heads of the effort to revive Lucifer, both of them lost their life during the destruction of the Salem branch when Lucifer returned.

Dr. Ralph Emerall

The archangel Raphael designed the Nephilim as an experiment to provide angels a chance at free will. He succeeded with help by Metatron, both pretending to work against each other and to hasten the battle of Armageddon. Ultimately Raphael sacrificed himself to ensure that other angels and spirit beings could be free of control of God. Favorite food: fish and chips

Jeffrey Darling

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Tony Darling

An ever wise sage of the dark, Purson was instrumental in the revival of Lucifer, letting his intuition guide the group to places they’d never seen. Theo (known as Bune) saw exactly what happened with his father at Brighter Futures, and joined, waiting for his chance to strike back. Troy (Azrael) ended up batting for the other side, as he was in charge of ushering in the destruction of the old world at the Eden Retreat.